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Hi, I’m Michael


Computer Science student, experienced system engineer, specialising in Cloud and DevOps.

Hi, I'm Michael


I am always evolving and adapting my skillset to industry trends, these are some of the things I am highly skilled at.

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How to list all CloudFormation stacks across all regions using AWS CLI

If you're like me and work with AWS environments with numerous CloudFormation stacks running in many regions globally, then you're often going to want to audit what stacks you have running. I thought I would share my method of doing this, using the following bash snippet to run a couple [...]

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How to generate random lists of unique strings using Python

This Python script generates lists of unique random (alphanumeric|alpha|numeric) strings from argument defined specifications. Purpose to be used as auxiliary unique random string generation, or stand-alone unique list generation for data population. Each value generated is unique within the outputted list.

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Research Report

Artificial Intelligence, a Conceivable Threat

Read my research report that investigates the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in use today and the potential for the future, as well as the benefits of smart machines that utilise Deep Learning to improve. The report also highlights the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence, to answer the question, is Artificial Intelligence a conceivable threat to humanity?

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Senior Cloud Engineer
Human Made
Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
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